Liquid Biopsy Redefines Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Liquid biopsy is one of the most exciting new developments in life sciences.   In cancer and in the area of NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing), one significant limitation was gaining access to appropriate tissue biopsy from patient in order to perform pathological testing. Moreover, clinicians were never sure if the appropriate part of the tissue was being analyzed?  The result was either discomfort for patients or worse, mis diagnosis. Now, with liquid biopsy, clinicians can gain early insights into a disease and predict its progression and response to therapies with simple blood draws that can be conducted in a time series.  This is opening up new areas and applications across the entire care cycle from early detection/screening., Minimal Residual Testing, Therapy Selection and Resistance Monitoring.  In biomedical research, the ability to gain blood draws means that now scientists have access to those samples and are able to study how cancers progress over time with the goal to identify novel biomarkers for that can be predictive of response or enable a more informed therapy for the patient.

We are at a very early stage of this exciting new development and there is a lot more to come. This presentation that was completed in 2018 provides Zaylan’s strategic perspective on Liquid Biopsy and includes market dynamics, competitive activity, value chain and the clinical utility across several therapeutic areas with focus on Oncology.