Growth Strategy and Strategic Roadmap Development

As part of our Growth Strategy and Roadmap Development Practice, apply our 3-phased strategy process in order to

  • Identify attractive target segments
  • Identify what it takes to win in these segments including capabilities that need to be developed organically and through M&A and
  • Develop strategic options and roadmap for growth.

We provide growth strategy consulting services to a wide array of healthcare companies including Pharma, Diagnostics, Med Tech and Health Information players to develop their strategic roadmap.  We have developed and pressure tested our process and complement that with our market sizing and growth forecasting as well as capability development process.

What do we offer in our Growth Strategy and Strategic Roadmap Development practice?

We are at the cusp of some major breakthroughs in biomedical sciences that will drive new and sustained growth in spending on healthcare products and services.  At Zaylan, we provide deep expertise in strategic advice that enables executives to develop an informed strategy that will help them achieve profitable growth in the future.  In particular, we help to address 7 fundamental questions as part of our Strategy and Roadmap Development Practice :

  • How are my customers’ needs and available market sizes changing over time?
  • How do I segment the market in multiple ways to extract proprietary points of view on how the market segments are likely to evolve and which competitors are likely to win?
  • How is the competitive landscape changing over time? Who are key threats?
  • What capabilities do I need to compete for the next several years?
  • What are adjacent markets I can enter ?
  • Who do I acquire and how do I justify paying a premium?
  • What is my growth roadmap to achieve my goals? i.e.  how do I achieve revenue targets through organic innovation, channel development and M&A

What Sub-Sectors of healthcare do we specialize in for Growth Strategy?

We have provided strategic advice in all sectors/ subsectors of healthcare and life sciences.  However there are certain areas where we bring deep sector specific insights:

Market for approved diagnostics to diagnose a disease, provide early detection and screening or select optimal therapy as well as monitor disease progression post therapy.   We have advised more than 100 players in their IVD strategy.  We have worked across all sectors of IVD from Molecular Diagnostics (including qPCR, Next Gen Sequencing), Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassays, Point of Care Diagnostics, Consumer Diagnostics

This includes life science tools and services that aids in basic R&D and Drug Discovery including disciplines such as  genomics, proteomics, cell biology/immunology tools, Basic life sciences reagents and chemicals used in research, Bioinformatics/ Multiomics Analytics, drug production tools and services, Drug Formulation and Delivery, In vivo imaging, animal models.

In Drug Production tools and services, we have expertise in the process development and production of biologics therapies including monoclonal antibodies, cell & gene therapies including mRNA therapies as well as ProTacs.  We bring expertise across the entire continuum of manufacturing of biologics from process development, upstream, downstream, fill & finish and final packaging and shipment steps.

(Pharma, Diagnostics, Health information)

“Precision Medicine” is an emerging field that includes a new class of highly effective therapies for patients with specific biological characteristics that make them highly suitable to these therapies.  These characteristics can include physical or genetic traits, or biomarkers identifying them as suitable candidates for specific therapies.  A simple example of precision medicine are Statins that are prescribed only to patients that have high cholesterol.  Advanced examples include NTRK fusion testing (with a next generation sequencer or a FISH technology) for emerging class of cancer therapies that are highly effective for patients whose cancer (e.g. lung) exhibit NTRK fusions.  Our clients in the area of precision medicine include pharma, diagnostics, and health information players that enable precision medicine

This includes players provide health information solutions to physicians/providers including clinics, laboratories or large hospitals.  Also included in this bucket are bioinformatics nad clinical informatics software used for R&D purposes.  Our clients include a wide array of health information players from health IT software companies, decision support plauers to providers of bioinformatics software.

This  includes a wide array of health products and services sold directly to consumers without or directed by physicians but consumed at home.   Our focus in this practice includes home diagnostics, home monitoring products and services as well as over the counter medication products.