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About us

Zaylan is a strategy consulting group that advises companies on creating growth strategies with focus on life sciences and healthcare sectors.  We are primarily business strategists, i.e. we  develop proprietary and unique points of view on markets and their evolution that can enable our clients to outthink their competitors and establish an advantageous position. We work with organizations that have the ambition to address next generation of challenges in life sciences by leveraging scientific breakthroughs to improve health outcomes and driving sustainable business growth and profitability.

We focus on four functional areas:

  • Growth Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Consumer Health Strategy Development
  • Valuation Modelling

What we do

Growth Strategy and Strategic Roadmap Development

As part of our Growth Strategy and Roadmap Development Practice, we apply our 3-phased strategy process to extract unique insights about market dynamics and create a fact driven strategic growth roadmap

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Digital Transformation Strategy Development

As part of this practice, we help our clients to drive new business models leveraging modern computing by addressing new needs.

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Consumer Health Strategy Development

Our research has shown that consumers are ever more ready to take control on parts of healthcare and are demanding more and more consumer health products such as self monitoring and diagnostics.

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Valuation Modeling

At Zaylan, we specialize in providing a range of equity value on companies participating in life sciences including diagnostics, life sciences tools and digital players.  We have developed multiple methods to arrive at..

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Mission Statement

To drive sustainable growth and profitability in life sciences organizations with science driven strategic thinking and new capability development that will enable them to compete effectively in the new era of precision medicine and digital enablement.

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Why Zaylan?

We are world class strategists with deep sector expertise and industry experience.  Our consultants bring  practical experience from our prior lives as executives in leading life sciences companies including medtech players such as Illumina, Danaher, Philips as well as Pharma / Biopharma companies.

Our pressure-tested growth strategy process that has been deployed over the past 2 decades at world leading pharma/biotech, diagnostics, medtech, CRO, health information as well as leading industrials to facilitate the development of growth strategies, digital transformation strategies as well as consumer health strategies.

Why we exist

The global healthcare sector at $8Tn in spending, is  is one of the largest sectors in the global economy and is likely to continue its dominance into the future.  The COVID-19 crisis has reminded us of the importance of healthcare and life sciences innovations to human health with rapid launch of vaccines, therapies and diagnostic products at precedented speeds  We are at the cusp of major breakthroughs in healthcare.  The pace of discoveries made in fields such as genomics/proteomics, biomed engineering, biomaterials, immunology, cancer biology is accelerating at an unprecedented rate leading to markedly improved therapies and medical interventions.  In addition, increasing computing power and advanced analytics are creating new business models that hitherto were not possible. .

In such a fast-paced environment, companies competing in this sector face numerous challenges in developing an informed and fact-driven strategic roadmap to enable sustained growth.  They are confronted with difficult questions such as: Where to place the bets? How fast the markets are likely to grow? What new disruptive technologies may change the game? What is the impact of digital technologies on my customers’ workflow?  How have customer needs shifted?  Are my capabilities sufficient to address market needs?  Is my organization ready to meet the challenges in the next 5 -10 years?

At Zaylan, we provide the expertise, the insights and a structured process to address such difficult questions. We have worked with large global industrials, leading biopharma, leading diagnostics/med tech players as well as startups on developing growth strategies.

What Makes Us Different

We take a deep scientific approach in our strategy consulting.  Our staff has deep scientific training and have been bring advanced degrees in medical and or biological sciences.   Our teams have background in analytical techniques in Genomics/ Molecular Diagnostics ( qPCR Next gen Sequencing as well as digital PCR, FISH, Spatial transcriptomics,Gene Editing etc), Proteomics and Protein Diagnostics (  ELISA,  flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, western blotting, digital spatial profiling, LC and Mass Spec and other similar analytical approaches) and cell biology, (e.g. imaging, whole cell assays, biochemical assays,  flow cytometry, cell manipulation approaches) .   Our expertise spans from research, translational all the way to clinical and applied markets.  In addition to analytical approaches, we also provide deep expertise in drug formulation delivery, Drug manufacturing as well as clinical trials.  In the digital transformation area, we bring scientific and market understanding of how new digital approaches are impacting drug discovery all the way to clinical trials and patient care and diagnosis is being impacted

We create our own market models and research to have proprietary points of view on how markets are evolving and how to segment them. We have market models across all the disciplines highlighted in the previous points.  On most projects, we bring market sizing and segmentation insights at the outset of the project

Most of our partners and staff have strategy consulting and industry experience and have applied and executive out strategy process not only has consultants but also has industry executives.  We have had industry level expertise in respected companies such as Danaher, Philips and Illumina and have advised leading and emerging life sciences players from pharma, Med tech and Informations players

Our teams are staffed with consultants who bring deep industry experience, i.e. people who have built, sold and launched products and services in the Life sciences sectors.  Our partners and consultants have prior executive level experience as players such as Danaher, Philips and Illumina.

This is core to our company and the reason we came into being in the first place.  We have enabled digital businesses at leading medtech, pharma and life sciences tools players both organically and through M&A. This is a significant challenge for many players in Life sciences i.e., what problem to solve with digital approaches and how to generate new digital businesses and business models? Often, companies fail to see new opportunities simply because they are segmenting markets in traditional ways or not able to fully understand their internal workflow and processes that prevents them to create compelling business cases for innovation.  We have developed strategy processes (from market segmentation to capability reviews and target analysis) that are suited to digital businesses. (see below for a chart on our Digital Strategy Process)

Completed Cases