Digital Transformation Strategy Development

As part of this practice, we help our clients to drive new business models leveraging modern computing by addressing new needs.  We provide digital transformation strategy services  to pharma, diagnostic, medtech, health information players as well as providers and payers.  Typically these are leading players in traditional products and services that are looking to develop digital products and services for their customers.  We have developed a methodology to assist companies in developing new business models in software and related services by addressing new challenges faced by customers.  We also assist companies develop new digital capabilities to align with market needs.   We have partnered with several software and service companies that specialize providing software development services as well as computing platforms for data analytics designed for life sciences and healthcare.  While Zaylan advises on strategy and business models, our tech partners  provide technical expertise to develop early proof of concepts of novel solutions envisions through Zaylan’s digital transformation strategy process.

What do we offer in our Digital Transformation Strategy practice?

We offer a specialized service enabling pharma, med tech and providers to develop new business models leveraging modern computing that can create new sources of revenue and new ways to create efficiency in internal processes.

The amount of data generated in healthcare has grown exponentially over the past 10 years given increased digitization of images, growth of next gen sequencing, adoption of EHRs/EMRS as well as emergence of mobile health apps.   At the same time, many companies with traditional products and services are looking to create new ways of gaining customer intimacy by leveraging new forms of data assets..  We have been working closely with pharma/biotech, diagnostics, medtech, life sciences tools as well as health information and CROs to create new digital business models.  We have developed a specialized process that enables our clients to develop a clear view of new digital market opportunities and drive consensus on how to achieve growth by developing new capabilities.   We have been at the forefront of digital transformation since 2014 and have had practical experience in driving digital innovation.

Companies that aspire to create new digital businesses face numerous challenges that can hamper their ability to innovate.  Firstly,  they find it difficult to “see” new markets emerging as some of the digital segments are at a very early stage of development. Secondly, capabilities needed to compete in the digital world are very different from the traditional world.  Thirdly, with so many emerging digital solution providers, it is difficult to assess who is the right partner or vendor that can help you in develop your new digital solutions.  We have developed a strategy process and a digital solution building process that has been designed to enable novel digital business models.  Our process starts with a customer problem and workflows (or stakeholder problem/ workflows for internal process improvement projects) in order to arrive at hidden “value pools” that can serve as a basis of creating new products and services.  Secondly we have developed alliances with several innovative digital products/services players that bring cutting edge as well as hands on understanding and knowledge of modern computing as well as creating new proof of concept solutions to business problems.  We follow an agile product development process with our partners to rapidly deploy and solution, test it refine it, quantify impact on financials and then rapidly decide on a go / no go.  In some of our projects we have gone from an upfront kickoff on a strategy process to a novel digital prototype in a span of 8 weeks to a fully deployed product in 20 weeks. We also provide a deep database on possible acquisition targets in the digital space across many life sciences end markets and have deep insights on smaller and larger digital players alike

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