Zaylan’s take on Navigating the Future of Single Cell Genomics

Single Cell Genomics is one of the most attractive high growth segments of life sciences research. Since the dawn of genomics, samples have been analyzed in bulk, ie cells have been aggregated and the resulting genomic signatures have been averaged out across the cells to provide a single genomic signature across cell types thereby missing crucial information that may be unique to small minority of cells in a sample. A stark example of this is cancer diagnostics from tissue biopsies where often there are different cell types and clones in a sample that may show different genomic signatures and can often lead to misdiagnosis. This heterogeneity and increasing awareness of it is driving the field of single cell genomics.

We are very early stage of innovation primarily being driven by single cells RNA Seq (as demonstrated by 10X Genomics). Going forward there will be growth and demand for various other types of genomic measurements such as analyzing DNA, methylation signatures as well as looking at immune cells.

This study conducted by Zaylan in 2018 provides an overview of the Single Cells Genomics market, its segments, growth potential, competitors, areas of unmet needs and future innovations.

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