CAR-T Data Solution to integrate biomarkers, manufacturing, logistics and clinical dataSITUATION

  • Client is a leading service provider to CAR-T pharma; provide plant logistics and manufacturing setup services
  • Client engaged us to better understand they can improve efficiency of CAR-T workflow through data solutions.
  • Unmet needs to be addressed: each patient sample producing several terabytes of data incl. biomarkers (flowcytometry, RNASeq), manufacturing (transduction. qPCR, bioreactor, flow cytometry etc), clinical outcomes and logistics data which are fragmented; difficult to understand why certain mfg runs fail


  • What was the key problem statement and the underlying root cause of why certain manufacturing runs failed
  • Can we unify ALL data produced in each autologous run to enable one click access to this data into a unified product
  • Can we apply advanced analysis including deep learning to predict failures or provide an early view of problem statement
  • What does a winning solution look like? What partners? What business case?


  • Conducted interviews KOLs in CAR-T manufacturing including academics and pharma (including UPENN)
  • Highlighted and quantified the need and possible solutions
  • Recruited two partners
  • Led the process to develop a pilot solution
  • Led several workshops with participation from client and their biopharma customers to refine value proposition and opportunity
  • Applied advanced algorithms to predict failures


  • Successfully secured board approval to initiate this effort on a global basis

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