Creating a Data Hub for biomanufacturing for raw material supply chain hub and QA releaseSITUATION

  • Client is a leading raw material provider to biomanufacturing facilities: products include cell culture supplements and serum, buffers, chromatography resins, excipients and single use products
  • Goal of client was to create new digital products and services leveraging digital approaches to increase intimacy with customers and increase share of wallet
  • Unmet needs to be addressed: a) supply chain and raw materials data limited to lots received and COA data are fragmented leading to long trouble shooting times b) QA release data also a long laborious process due to fragmented data-sets


  • Can we create a unified data platform that can allow for unified visualization and alerts of raw materials and QA release data?
  • What is the true nature of the problem statement? How much time and resources lost? Quality problems
  • What does a solution look like
  • What are the adoption hurdles and how much of the market will pay for this solution


  • Conducted interviews of client biopharma raw materials and QA experts to create a detailed workflow on the status of the problem today
  • Collected data on the true nature of the problem with semi quant metrics
  • Led the process of development of a pilot with our technology partner to test solution’
  • Led two workshops with participation from client and their biopharma customers to refine value proposition and opportunity


  • Current solution based on digitizing CoA and a few other critical raw materials data sets are being piloted at several pharma accounts

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