Generic pharma looking to create a new CDMO service businessSITUATION

  • Leading specialty and generic pharma looking to spinoff a group of about 50 FTE that had expertise in small molecule and peptide formulations and manufacturing as well as advanced analytics
  • They had also developed a novel drug delivery approach that can be applied to not onlyh small mol but also other advanced therapies that can deliver therapies to specific organs
  • The changing mix of therapies from small mol, mabs to new therapeutics approaches drove the client to embark on this project


  • What are the key gaps and unmet needs in drug formulations, analytics, drug delivery ?
  • What is the size and segmentation of the markets in formulation services, analytics services and drug delivery
  • What are some unique strengths of clients that gives them an advantage?
  • How much business can I generate in the 5 year timeframe


  • Outside in review: external interviews with pharma formulations dept heads, competitive reviews
  • Inside out review: deep capability assessments of client
  • Quant analysis: market sizing and segmentation
  • Prioritization and workshops


  • Developed a prioritization portfolio matrix of attractive market segments that fit with client capabilities
  • Provided quant assessment of ROI; market penetration vs upfront investment requirements
  • Recommendation: the market size and opportunities identified did not justify investment and hence client decided not to pursue the spinoff

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