Zaylan Associates and Unite to Transform Life Sciences Strategy with Advanced Advisory Services

Boston, MA – Zaylan Associates, a specialized strategy consulting firm with focus on Life Sciences and Healthcare, and, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence company, have announced a strategic alliance to create a new approach to strategic advisory services for life sciences.

This new partnership between Zaylan Associates and Consilience will combine the strategic consulting expertise of Zaylan Associates with the innovative AI technology of Consilience, to create a dynamic new approach to business problem-solving.

“We’re excited to announce this alliance with Consilience,” said Arshad Ahmed, Managing Director of Zaylan Associates. “Our clients consistently look for new and innovative ways to improve their businesses. With, we can offer cutting-edge solutions they need to stay ahead of competition and address emerging customer needs. Companies participating in life sciences often struggle with several fundamental strategic questions, i.e. What is the next wave of scientific innovation? How does my company establish a leading position in these emerging areas through R&D and or M&A efforts? Where is science and clinical evidence headed in the next 3-5 years? Companies have primarily relied on anecdotal approaches such as interviewing experts and attending conferences in order to assess market needs and scientific trends. However, this lacks quantitative rigor and is riddled with individual biases. With, we now have deployed a leading-edge AI technology into our consulting practice along with their staff of AI experts and are offering a quantitative approach to enable automation scientific document reading and predictions on where science is headed. This will reveal new and essential insights that were previously missed or glossed over”, said Mr. Ahmed. In addition, he also pointed out that is unique among numerous text analytics approaches in that it is predictive and also is able to identify relationships between multiple scientific disciplines that are creating new scientific knowledge – an attribute that is critical in assessing emerging trends in the scientific domain.

Consilience is a leading provider of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, with a focus on transforming the way businesses operate. Their platform leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide businesses with real-time insights and predictions on scientific and clinical advancements, enabling clients to make smarter, data-driven decisions on deploying capital on R&D projects as well as business development efforts.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Zaylan Associates,” said Harry Glorikian, CEO of Consilience. “Their deep understanding of the life sciences world, coupled with our technology, will enable us to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions that will transform the way they operate. Our teams have worked together in the past and we are excited to join hands again”.

Together, Zaylan Associates and Consilience will offer businesses a unique blend of consulting expertise and advanced technology, providing them with a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

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